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The performers arrive, smartly dressed, and meet the agreed contact at the venue, well before any guests appear. They will set up the appropriate sound equipment and carry out a sound check with the sound engineer arranged for the day, and once this is complete, the performers get into character, as Maitre D’, Waiter/Waitress and Chef. The Maitre D’ can act as MC or carry out ‘toastmaster’ duties if necessary, making announcements, calling the guests into dinner, and for weddings, announcing the bride and groom. They carry out as much guest interaction as possible at this stage, pouring drinks if appropriate, and serving canapes, which assists in sustaining the pretence of being 'staff' as long as possible during the show.


Once the moment is right, during the meal, the performers will have been liaising with the event's real banqueting manager, and will get the go-ahead to start the act. The ‘Chef’ is welcomed to the mic by our posing 'Maitre D', to take applause for the wonderful meal. After some slick and fun dialogue, tailored to the occasion, the ‘Chef' then bursts into song as a treat, and due to the vocal qualities and superb acting of every one of our performers, the guests erupt in cheers and applause. The impact and audience reaction created by Encore Entertainment, is genuinely second to none, and at this point, the clients will know that they have chosen the right entertainment for the event. At this point they both can be joined and upstaged by the optional ‘3rd’ singer (‘Waiter’ or ‘Guest’).

The singers stay in character and the show includes well known classical greats initially, then leading to more contemporary show stoppers and hits. They include songs which have been tried and tested over a long period, to achieve the maximum impact.  


Following a wonderful show and audience participation, including napkin waving & glasses clinking, the show concludes with a spine tingling aria such as “Nessun Dorma” prior to the humorous reveal of who these amazing singing staff really are. This is followed by an encore of popular songs to finish the show in wonderful style, and leaving a lasting memory of a fantastic event. 


• As an option, during the drinks reception or for the entrance of the guests into dinner, one of the performers can sing background music, (rather than being a waiter/waitress), from a range of genres of music, to suit the client. They return later on to join the surprise show, interrupting the ‘Chef' and 'Maitre D’.  

• For weddings, one of the singers can be a soloist for the ceremony (just before the bride enters and also during the signing of the register). Imagine having a West End or Opera soloist, named on your order of service, to thrill the congregation. They also return to join the surprise show during the wedding breakfast.

• A popular option is to have a 3rd singer planted as a guest, dining with the real guests until he or she grabs the mic from the ‘Chef' during the surprise show. 

• The surprise singing waiter show can be stand-alone, or if preferred, the singers can return again after the surprise set, to perform an encore set of show stoppers and client favourites.

• There is a large range of possible songs and arias, due to the experience and quality of the singers, who have starred in countless musicals, operas and concerts.