Sirens Encore

Meet the glamorous leading ladies of Encore Entertainment, known for their remarkable talent and charm

In Greek mythology, a siren is a creature, typically depicted as a woman, who lures sailors to their demise with her enchanting voice and beauty, often leading them to shipwreck on rocky shores. Here at Encore Entertainment, our Sirens exude the same allure, yet rest assured, you’re in safe hands!
Sirens Encore stands as one of the most coveted and distinctive musical acts available. Led by beautiful and talented sopranos, all esteemed leading ladies from the West End and opera, this ensemble brings a wealth of experience and artistry to the stage, guiding audiences through a dramatic and visually stunning performance, adding glamour, sophistication and style to your event.

Choose From a Diverse Array of Songs and Genres

With a repertoire spanning from opera and the West End to Abba and James Bond, Sirens Encore offers a vast selection of songs, allowing for customisation to suit your specific preferences. The structure and content of the show are adaptable to a wide range of functions, from intimate dinner parties to grand corporate events, weddings and stadiums filled with thousands of guests.

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